Busching Law PLC Launches New Law Firm Website
Busching Law PLC Launches New Law Firm Website

Busching Law PLC is pleased to announce the publication of its new, modern website. The redesigned website provides information about the law firm, founder and owner Marcia Busching, and the legal services provided in a format that is easy to access and navigate for the convenience of current and potential clients.

At Busching Law PLC, Marcia Busching and her team provide arbitration services, legal counsel, and representation for clients in the real estate, construction, and general business industries. Ms. Busching’s experience as an attorney, arbitrator, business owner, and governing board member allows her to understand the issues that business owners face and identify creative solutions for legal transactions and disputes.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Busching Law serves clients throughout the state in legal matters and across the nation as an arbitrator. Ms. Busching is available to meet with clients in person or virtually and will travel to assist clients in various locations.

Law firm website design services were provided by TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC.

About Busching Law PLC: Serving clients in Arizona and throughout the United States, Busching Law PLC provides experienced arbitration and legal services for real estate, construction, and business law matters.